Thursday, 12 January 2012

One of the past

It has been ages since our last conversation.
I still remember how caring you are while I was alone in Malaysia.
How worried you are while my parents away.

I still remember,everyday you'll remind me of being a good muslim.
I still remember,everyday you'll shine my dark times.
I still remember,everyday you'll keep telling me stories about Mesir.
I still remember,everyday you'll listen to every problems of mine

I was form 3 at that time when we share so many things together.
I'm so thankful that we get to know each other.

When you were in Mesir
I was so touched that you were still make sure that I was okay here.
You text me just to give me support for my exam tomorrow.
You text me just to let me know about every pmr seminar.
Even you were in Mesir you were still help me with so many things
cause you were being so worried about my lonely life.
Thank you so much Abang Aiman.

You once said that one day you'll take me as your 'halal'one .
And I still remember at that time when something had happened.
And sadness tend to invade me.
I was totally alone at that time without ibu and ayah and abang around,
I wrote a very long letter to you telling how sad I am at that time.
Then, I went to your house and put that letter in your postbox.
You now,I felt so calm after that .

We were so closed each other,
Until one day
When I got my spm result and it was not that good.
You kept asking me about my result but i never tell.
I know how angry you are at that time but I'm sorry
I was in a total stress with my result

After that incident,
I deactivate my facebook profile
we never talk
we never text
until today.
Thanks for still being like how you were before :)

Specially for you,

kalau suatu hari nanti terbukak blog ni dimana ianya sangatlah mustahil untuk berlaku.terima kasih sangat ye. I will never forget all the things you have done for me.Thanks for treating me so nice and you know You were so good that I was so sad whenever it reminds me on you. Terima kasih ye kerana bagi peluang jadikan kau sebagai abang angkat aku :) Thank you so much :) Belajar medic elok2 kat mesir tu.tak lama lagi kita jumpa insyaAllah :)