Sunday, 15 July 2012


Sacrifice , Effort , Honesty is needed in order to get something.
But we can't control everything when it is not only us who'll decide.
So let us pray for our best in everything and anything in our life.


I am used to wish you good night and tell you stories.
But , when you move apart slowly , I got scared .
You should know how crazy I have become when u dissapear for so many days.
My eyes are red and swallen just because of all the tears I had for you.
I was suffering and I think I still am.


This is the first place I want to go so badly.
My first wishes is to spent my time here.
It's Venice Italy.Located in northen Italy.
Venice has been named one of the most romantic cites in all of Europe.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Let's just wait untill the God judge
You are the winner this time
Cause I have wasted my tears so much
I thought I was something
Cause you were my everything
I was actually nothing
Cause I am not your anything.
I know you're laughing happily now
Having such a great camping
With someone you loved so much.
I hope you enjoy all your time there
Without me around.


I'll make sure I tell you everything before Ramandhan
And I think I should get everyhting clear.
Well, today life of mine is extremely bored.
But meeting up with my friends and 
we went to cg Azma's house chilled me up a lil bit.
I love kids so much
Looking them makes me calm and happy inside and out.
At night, I'm having a conversation with Aiman.
He's coming home and I'll promise to fetch him at klia.
can't imagine how awkward it will be.
But I'm sure you'll be super duper malu with me.
Can't wait cause I have so much to ask you 
since the day you went away.
Still remember all the memories we had together.
chatting till midnight sharing knowledge together
And the most important part was you 
always remind me to be a good muslim
and to take a good care of myself :)

Friday, 13 July 2012


If you love someone
Then set them free
If they're come back they're yours
If they don't they never were.
Dear love,
I hope you can let me free
So that, you'll hurt me less
But don't worry cause
I'll be back when I'm ready.
That's my promise to you.


Sadness invades me again.
Seems like I don't have the strength to tell you the truth
But I'll try as hard as I can to tell you everything.
Everywhere I go
No matter what I do
I just can't get you out of my mind.
It annoys me so much
And I hate that cause I keep thinking
How silly I am 

Thursday, 12 July 2012


How could you do this to me
How could you be so heartless
It hurts me so much
To pretend that everything was okay
While it was not okay at all
If you could ever read my mind
I'm sure you'll be crying for the whole of your life
I act like I don't care
But deep inside , it hurts much.
I'm so speechless .

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Mind your words
Cause you never know how sensitive I am
I don't think I want this anymore.
You're seeing someone else
Without me knowing at the first place.
You're such a good pretender.
Thanks for keeping that as a secret of yours.
Thanks for hurting me so badly.
Thanks for all the kindness that you keep showing me.
Thank you so much.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


You should know that
everytime I take a look of your pictures,
I cried to myself so hard.
Not because it made me sad,
But because it made me so happy.
It reminded me that you're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.


People wouldn't understand and
I don't feel the needed to explain,
simply because in my heart how real it was.
When I think of you I can't help smiling
knowing that you've completed me somehow.


There's so much I want to say to you,
but I'm not sure where I should begin.
I'll think about you everyday.
Part of me is scared that there will come a time
when you don't feel the same way,
that you'll somehow forget about what we shared.


Everytime we fought I hated myself for it.
Somehow,even though we loved each other,
we lost that magical bond that kept us together.

Friday, 6 July 2012


My instinct is always right.
And I do believe with it.
I know she's home.
And I know how happy and how glad you are.
Sometimes I really feel like letting you go but
I have this one thing that make it so hard to happen.

Actually I couldn't stand with it anymore.
But I was so scared to move on.
So, I do really hope that,
You'll be the first one to move on.

Seriously it makes me feel sick.
I'm so sick with tears with sadness and
I'm so sick of being with you because I love you so much.
So I hope that you'll be happy in the future
Don't worry about me cause I'll be fine.

Thursday, 5 July 2012


In our time together,
You claimed a special place in my heart
One I'll carry with me forever and that no one can ever replace.
You're kind and honest, but more than that,
You're the first man I ever truly loved.
And no matter what future brings,
You always will be,
And I know that my life is better for it.
I Love you so much.


Part of me wishes that you were here with me
So I could do this in person
But we both  know that's impossible.
So here I am,
Groping for words with tears on my cheeks and hoping that
You'll somehow forgive me for all my bad things that I have done.

Everyday and night,
I'll be trying to find out where you are and what you do.
I pray every night that you'll make it home safely and I always will.
I'll be so worried everytime you stay up late just to finish up your work.
How I wish I could always be by your side
So that you'll never get lonely.
I miss you so much,Love.


I couldn't sleep after that
I just kept thinking about whether my lie to mum was right or wrong
By the time morning light had flooded my room
I realised I had made a mistake
I should have just told her the truth last night
And now I am in trouble again


I know It's my fault
I am sorry for raising my voice on the phone this morning.
I feel so bad but I have no strength to apologize.
I have been thinking of you this one whole day
Why don't you paid me a call
I miss you so much
I really hope you know that.

Monday, 2 July 2012


It will be the most cutest and the most memorable moment for me.
We had a very long conversation.
And the best part was I feel so closed to you.
We talks so much about our life.
And just so you know
I love you for every single words that came out from your mouth.
I love to listen on every story of yours.
I love to accept all the advices you gave me.
And the most important is I Love you for being yourself.


I had tears on my eyes but I did not cry.
I used to be quiet strong in handling tears,
Now tears seems to overcome me.
How I wish I could ask you this one question.
But I was totally √°fraid that your answer might hurt me.
I really want to tell you how i feel but im just scared.
So, I just keep the question aside and just follow the flow.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Born from a good family background but very humble,
down to earth man.
He never burdened anyone.
He is the man who works very hard to get what he wants.
He is very ambitious .
He doesn't believe in giving up and to him,
everyhting is possible if you do it with all your heart.
A soft-spoken man.
As slowly time passed by,
I started to see his  great personalities he has in him.
I feel blessed and lucky to meet him in my life.
Kindness,patience,sincerity, honesty and HARDWORKING
defined him  well that those are the reason,
I respected him so much.
I really look up to him ,
as he is one of the biggest influence in my life :)
I hope this feeling of mine will last forever.
Amin :)