Sunday, 1 July 2012


Born from a good family background but very humble,
down to earth man.
He never burdened anyone.
He is the man who works very hard to get what he wants.
He is very ambitious .
He doesn't believe in giving up and to him,
everyhting is possible if you do it with all your heart.
A soft-spoken man.
As slowly time passed by,
I started to see his  great personalities he has in him.
I feel blessed and lucky to meet him in my life.
Kindness,patience,sincerity, honesty and HARDWORKING
defined him  well that those are the reason,
I respected him so much.
I really look up to him ,
as he is one of the biggest influence in my life :)
I hope this feeling of mine will last forever.
Amin :)

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