Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My sunshine is back

The most priceless thing I ever received in my whole life was my family. Couldn't be anymore grateful for having my family. Family of course taught me almost everything in my life. In my heart you guys belong there.The first place in my heart.Love you guys more than any words can say.

As everybody know. It was very hard for my family to gather together in every special day.
Sometimes I will celebrate eid just with my little brother while parents celebrating in Oman and Amjad will be in Dubai as usual and abg syafeeq will celebrating eid with the birds ,the sun, and the wind.

Well, this year it was different.everybody's here to celebrate eid together. Let me tell you something.
Actually, Today abang syafeeq nak blanja us buka puasa at The Zone hotel. we didn't expect anything bcause abang pon mmg a good actor dalam bab2 berlakon ni.

Then, while everybody busy with the food tibe2 AMJAD BIN ABDUL LATIB (my 2nd brother yang almost 2 years tak jumpa ) muncul depan kita.Ya Allah,seriously I was shocked and my tears just rolled down without me being noticed.I was touched.seriously.I loss my appetite.He brought some macaroons for us.SO many choclates , present and much more things. You know what abang.I really miss you and welcome back home to Malaysia.even you will be here just for a few weeks but I'm glad that you're here.

At last, baru semua orng tau yang actually, abang syafeeq, kak erika and amjad dah plan sebulan lepas untuk surprise kan kitorng.thanks for that.My mom pucat sangat lepas tengok amjad yang tibe2 muncul tapi as the world greatest mom in the world mom cool je dan hilang selera juga sebab terkejut.well,tomorrow abang syafeeq nak blanja buka puasa dekat Traders Hotel.apa pulak lah surprise abang lepas ni kan.

Thats all for tonight.I hope u guys enjoy to read a lil bit story of mine yang tak membawa kepada pengajaran sangat pon.just nk lepaskan betapa excitednya bila jumpa someone yang kita rindu sangat2.


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bad week I'm having

First of all, my management quiz was bad . Almost every answer of mine was wrong. went to college everyday with a moody mood. But thanks to my friends who always there to make my day better . Just so you know, in this week i get to know this two jejaka yang keep texting me all the time. Seriously they make my life serabut. Honestly, I am now, like don't use your words just to keep me impressed with you guys. Please ! Fine someone else plus this two people is super duper senior for me even older than abg peet.It's not the issue pun but i really need to study hard now.Don't disturb me.Go find your true self and strive for your dreams.I don't think I want this anymore. A great Hello from you and a simple Hi from me.I know you expected more. But sorry, I just can't.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


" You know how much pain that I have to bear.
 Let's start again. 
All i've ever done was make things hard for you but
I will always there for you.I can't go on without you.
Our relationship is like a fixed destiny. 
I will repay all of the tears that made things difficult to you. 
What I'm happy about is that your smile currently resembles mine . 
I love you.  Let's start again " 

I just can't believe one small little tiny thing I saw just not would affect my life so badly.But,who cares! well ,from now on , what I really want in my life is to be a better person and to live my life to the fullest.Maybe It is true that what I really need to do now is studying as hard as I can so that I can forget all the sadness and sorrow and start a new life as a person who never give up on every obstacle that may occur in the future.InsyaAllah.I'll do my best !

Monday, 8 August 2011


The most beautiful day: today
The greatest obstacle: fear
The easiest thing: to be wrong
The root of all evil: egoism
The most beautiful distraction: work
The worst defeat: discouragement
The first necessity: to communicate
What makes me the happiest: being useful to the rest of mankind
The most gratifying sensation: inner peace
The best cure: optimism
The strongest force in the world: faith
The most necessary people: parents
The most beautiful thing in the world: love

A very Long Day

Today was a very long day and today's life of mine is super duper busy like a restless bee.Wake up in the early morning and my laziness keep on killing me. I got headache the whole day . Well , all classes today was quiet fun.I really fall in love with Ms Azura way of teaching the subject. She never get tired of teaching us again and again. Not to forget Mdm Aida and Mdm Wani,they both are a very superb lecturer that always giving their best on making us understand on what they are teaching.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

You should Know

It has been ages since my last update. I was really busy with studies.I don't know why but lately I'll be feeling a little restless and uncomfortable with things. I tend to think a lot, without stopping. I would feel very dizzy and sometimes started to throwing up.


I've came out with a new conclusion which I concluded few days ago. I will stop doing it. I felt bad, that's why I want to stop. I'm sorry and I apologize. I wanna change for good

Know It

Words might be nothing for you but you should know that everything I said was all from my heartYou might not see the truth but I know that you already knew the truth. I told you I have something to say. You shouldn't be worried about it cause you know what I wanted to say.