Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My sunshine is back

The most priceless thing I ever received in my whole life was my family. Couldn't be anymore grateful for having my family. Family of course taught me almost everything in my life. In my heart you guys belong there.The first place in my heart.Love you guys more than any words can say.

As everybody know. It was very hard for my family to gather together in every special day.
Sometimes I will celebrate eid just with my little brother while parents celebrating in Oman and Amjad will be in Dubai as usual and abg syafeeq will celebrating eid with the birds ,the sun, and the wind.

Well, this year it was different.everybody's here to celebrate eid together. Let me tell you something.
Actually, Today abang syafeeq nak blanja us buka puasa at The Zone hotel. we didn't expect anything bcause abang pon mmg a good actor dalam bab2 berlakon ni.

Then, while everybody busy with the food tibe2 AMJAD BIN ABDUL LATIB (my 2nd brother yang almost 2 years tak jumpa ) muncul depan kita.Ya Allah,seriously I was shocked and my tears just rolled down without me being noticed.I was touched.seriously.I loss my appetite.He brought some macaroons for us.SO many choclates , present and much more things. You know what abang.I really miss you and welcome back home to Malaysia.even you will be here just for a few weeks but I'm glad that you're here.

At last, baru semua orng tau yang actually, abang syafeeq, kak erika and amjad dah plan sebulan lepas untuk surprise kan kitorng.thanks for that.My mom pucat sangat lepas tengok amjad yang tibe2 muncul tapi as the world greatest mom in the world mom cool je dan hilang selera juga sebab terkejut.well,tomorrow abang syafeeq nak blanja buka puasa dekat Traders Hotel.apa pulak lah surprise abang lepas ni kan.

Thats all for tonight.I hope u guys enjoy to read a lil bit story of mine yang tak membawa kepada pengajaran sangat pon.just nk lepaskan betapa excitednya bila jumpa someone yang kita rindu sangat2.


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