Tuesday, 9 August 2011


" You know how much pain that I have to bear.
 Let's start again. 
All i've ever done was make things hard for you but
I will always there for you.I can't go on without you.
Our relationship is like a fixed destiny. 
I will repay all of the tears that made things difficult to you. 
What I'm happy about is that your smile currently resembles mine . 
I love you.  Let's start again " 

I just can't believe one small little tiny thing I saw just not would affect my life so badly.But,who cares! well ,from now on , what I really want in my life is to be a better person and to live my life to the fullest.Maybe It is true that what I really need to do now is studying as hard as I can so that I can forget all the sadness and sorrow and start a new life as a person who never give up on every obstacle that may occur in the future.InsyaAllah.I'll do my best !

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