Saturday, 21 May 2011

A very sad morning

Today, when I woke up I found myself crying without a reason. It has been awhile since I had these feelings. It's weird, very weird. as if I can't describe what feeling are these. But I know, if I woke up with tears in my eyes and one rolling down my cheek, I knew I must have been dreaming of you again. Currently, I feel so messed up. I wanna let it out so badly but one problem. I don't know what to let out. The only way to get rid of this feelings is just cry. . But Im tired of it. Like seriously sick of tears. What can I do now. I'm sorry to dissapointing you again .

I knew things aren't right and I am so true about that. You see, we are born with feelings. Feelings make you feel things like love, hate, like and dislike. Without feelings, you're not a, I know how you really feel about me right now.I'm sorry again.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Talking to the Moon

It's already late now. I think I should go to bed . But I can't. I really wanna go to the beach right now and sit on the white sand under the beautiful stars . I know it such a crazy idea. But I think by doing this I could solve all my problems and It will make me calm for sure. I need to clear up these messes in my head right now. What I meant by messes is that I really miss him and this one problem that I couldn't tell. I don't wanna be here at the time being. I wanna go out of Malaysia and stay there for a couple of weeks.

Well,thanks dad for being such a very understanding father. I'm goin to Sydney for a couple of weeks and I'll be off  this tuesday.I know Life is will just getting better day by day without the sadness (: Soo, I'll learnt lots of things  for now. I think I should sleep now and try to forget everything . and now I'm listening to Bruno Mars talking to the moon . And just so you know this song made me feel like crying so much .

Where is the good in goodbye?

Today, I don't know why but it just that I feel like very very lonely day compared to other days. It's a very sad day. Its just a simple and plain sad day. I know today everybody especially my friends will begin their new chapter.There’s some great and exciting stuff about this but for today I am feeling like a sentimental old fool saying goodbye to some really good times and a relationship that was the longest and strongest of my life

Why they have to said goodbye. But I know all good things come to an end for a reason. It’s the right time for us to go our separate ways.  think its human nature though . My friends were so nice to me and it was too hard for me to tell goodbye.I was so sad cause we have to separate each others. I miss them a lot . Eventhough I know that my friends will meet their new friends and it really made me even sadder as i really scared that they will one day totally forget about me.Please forget me not.I'm lying if I say I'm not crying nowSo, I just wanna say Good Bye to those who going into matriks , uni or even college in this month. I Love you like hell!

Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together?  I guess that wouldn't work.  Someone would leave.  Someone always leaves.  Then we would have to say good-bye.  I hate good-byes.  I know what I need.  I need more hellos

Thursday, 19 May 2011

To a very best friend

We all have that one person whom we think about from time to time. It's either friends or our beloved . Just like me. I always think about one of my best friend. Sometimes we bond with the person over similarities and sometimes the bond of friendship are formed over time. This person that i always think about is one of my highschool friends. I became friends with him when i was 14. It was easy for me to talk with him because we didn't really know each other very well at that time .He was an ear to listen to me and a shoulder for me to lean on . He always give the best advices about something to me and never get tired of listening some of my problems. But now, he's going into university and of course our relationship will end up just like that. so, if you do read this one day, always remember that i will always pray for your success and be a very great lawyer one day .

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I did it !

Alhamdulillah. I passed my JPJ test today . What a relieve. I just can't believe that I passed the test in the first round . I'm so glad. Thanks God for giving this to me. I arrived at the driving center about 10.00 and was shocked that so many people were there already. There were people from 1st session that which started at 8.00 and I was in the 2nd session which will start around at 11.00. I got number 30 which means more waiting. So you can imagine waiting for my turn was like a long day.

I sat there and observed how people drive the car, whether they passed or failed. Some people were driven back by the JPJ tester during the road test(section 3) and that means : FAIL. Sitting there watching them only made me more and more nervous. I was thinking :" What if I got a crappy car? What if I fail? No way. I can't fail.

Finally! The time has come! My number was called for section 2 and I started walking slowly towards the car. I told myself JUST DO IT! I went slow and steady all the way and passed! I'm so happy! Now that I have passed the section 2, there is only section 3 left.

After another long wait, its finally my turn for the road test already. I can't wait to get it done already. I'm tired of waiting, I don't care whether I will pass or fail.

I got into the car, greet the officer and did all the necessary things that could helped me to get points. That officer did not said anything at first but showed his true colours after I drove out from the driving center. He was frequently yelling and scolding at me, trying to make me nervous. Well, you can't expect me to be completely calm as it was the first time I'm driving alone. Haha! Believe me

I was shocked almost to death after all the scolding. He's so mean! I thought I had failed the test but when he handed me the paper, OMG! 17/20! I passed!Alhamdulillah.

Well, Thank you so much to all my friend who never get tired of giving me advices and wishing me good luck. Especially for Fatin and Juwairiah for telling me the 6 things to do before start the driving and for Anah , nik and Mirash for wishing me good luck and lastly for the very Superb Latiff Idham sbb praying for me to pass the test also for giving me support.Thank You so much friends.I Love you and will always do.

What a Wonderful People

Just Me

I used to be someone who hated hurting people's feelings but people ended up hurting mine. Now I'm the other way round. I used to hate when my phone started ringing and bugging my life. But I get so upset now when it does not gives out sounds at all. I used to love having such a beautiful life. I tend to hate my life now when too much problems came up. I used to be quite strong in handling tears. Now tears overcome me. I used to just hate bad people's evil deeds. Now, I'm having the hatred towards human. Isn't it very unhealthy? I just realized that now.

To the One I've been really close to

I am sorry if I'm such a disappointment to you. Sometimes things are just not meant to be like how you wanted. Do keep in mind that I will love you as we are friends, close friends. Let's get close like last time. I really don't wanna lose you cause you know, life means nothing when you don't have friends. I don't wanna say much cause I've said it lots of times before this. Are we cool? Please say yes, I really wish for that.

Dear My Girlies

Thank you so much for helping me out a lot . When it comes to trouble , I always go and refer to you . Sometimes I don't even tell you things but you figured it out all by yourselves. I guess you know me quite well. Thanks for the patience while you're with me. You know I love you. Bestfriends for life. Without you , there's no life . Thanks a lot to Dila,fanah,fiqah,azie,nik,che nor .

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wanted !

When I was in Oman, My treat a couple of times a week is going to Costa Coffee. I either have a skinny latte and a Tuna sandwich or a skinny latte with a packet of Tyrell Crisps or sometimes I have a Double Choclate Milk shake with Pain Au De Choclate (my favourite) . I usually get them and shared with my little brother.
Also,the Costa Hot choclate was very nice with cream and marsmallows . omg ! I can't forget all the time I had spent at the Costa Coffee . But why ?? Why Malaysia don't have this costa coffee!

Well , Since there were no Costa Coffee in Malaysia , I used to spent my time in starbucks and also sometimes in Coffee Bean orrr My daddy always brought me to Dome when he feels like having the very nice Affogato, The italian espresso.But currently I feel like it was also nice having a fishcracker fishfillet in chilis :)




Things taught me something today.
Don't expect the best and never expect the worst.
Waiting patiently and faithfully cause good things only come to those who wait.
Ugly things take time to get pretty.

That's why you have to wait.
Life is about loving those people who love you.
It's pointless loving people who can't love you.
Smile is the only way to hide your unhappiness.

But do it with all your heart.
Cry means you love that person so much.

When you can't stop crying, that's okay.
You are learning to be a proper human.

We make mistakes, we learn from them.
We regret, we stop doing them.But when it comes to you boy,

Regret will never be my word. 
The lesser you treat me nice, the more love I have for you.
The more hatred I have for coffee, the more interest I have to drink coffee.

Dearest friend

I wouldn't be calling you my best friend cause you just more than that . In fact , you're like a sister to me
I know that compared to all other abnormal girls out there , i'm the most problematic one but you never complained . you never get tired of being a crying shoulder to me. We've been together since form 1 and to tell you the very truth , you're are the best person i've ever met. I know that i'm never good in accepting advices, yours especially but just so you know you tell me one of the best advices in life . I appreciate every second being your friend. You complete my high school life and hopefully we're always gonna be friend until we die

Especially for : My Dorm-mate 
Not to forget  :  Ainaa Ismail who never get bored of giving 
                       her attention whenever i have things to  

Monday, 16 May 2011


In this life , people do change. Change for good or maybe the other way round. Maybe in my case, im unlucky. Those people who used to be close to me changed. I didn't ask for it and i know they did not too . I Have no power to change anything but the only things i can do is pray to God that one day they will realize how much i miss the old them . I know I have been complaining a lot abaout how annoying these people are, and i'm sorry. I just don't like it that you have to treat me this way
At the same time, I am thankful to God for having this one person in my life
You teach me the best lessons in the world about life and now I'm a bit stronger than before.
Thank you so much.

          I know life was never meant to be easy.. but i 
               never thought it would be this hard.


I know things are so hard for you right now. Things may be easy for me when I'm not in your position .
But God is fair, Insya Allah with all the prayers  things will be fine. I will not stop praying for better days for you . I promise.Unless I die.

Sugar Glider

oh yeah ! besides cat,I also have a sugar glider.
I never take him to get shower . 
So he got a very bad smell .
He eats apple.
He is just a very cute and active sugar glider.

I'm sorry

To you my love,
I'm sorry for hurting you again.
You're too good to me.
To tell you the truth,
I never stop thinking of you
How can i forget all that
When you're the one who make me smile
you always be apart of me
and you never get tired of listening every single things that i said.



I love my room now but I really miss my room in Oman.
It is not that beautiful but I could find peace and calm whenever I'm in there.
My room will look even nicer during evening.
The wind and the light is just so perfect to sleep
with the most comfortable comforter.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

love thousand times

i love you abg just the way you are

He is very ambitious , hardworking and when it comes to work or studies ,
he put more than 110% of himself into it .
He drives his own car everywhere and he never burdened anyone
He is the man who works really hard to get whatever he want
I found his maturity is little bit too old  for his age
He taught me about fashion
He bought me so many branded things
He is the type of person who loves making jokes at the beginning , I just thought that his jokes were too silly for me to laught and also it is because i didn't understand what were his joke about

His family is lucky to have a son like him
His siblings are blessed to have a brother like him
His friends are adored to have friend like him

Those are the reasons i respect and love him so much .



My 2nd brother . I grew up with him . We used to share our secrets and things together
He never complained everytime i asked him to do something
Yes, we do fight sometimes , but to be honest i always want to win n am really stubborn
But I don't know . Lately , it kinda have changed . I felt like missing him a lot .
He's always the handsome one
He's always doing great in dubai ALONE
He's doing really well in his studies n work
He has beautiful perfect hair
He gets all the good compliment even when he's just wear his pyjamas
He always take a very good care of me
He's tall n just perfect
He got a very beautiful skin
He always tried to give the best in everything for me
people seems to like him the most
He  got a perfectly beautiful fingers

I don't know whether you will ever read this
But if you do one day
just remember that i am blessed to have you
Without us the whole family , there'll be no life

Day with mummy n daddy

So yeaah, I had a rough day. I've been using my brain a lot today. I had so may thoughts about this and that. I woke up todaay, it was like at 12 noon. I went down and had my brunch. BIBIK ! she asked us to go up and kemas sana sini cause my bedroom was in mess. I went up and take a shower and kemas. It's clean and tidy now. Yayy. I was bored after that. Took out mySeventeen and Cleo magazines and baca.okayy.Then my daddy said ' diana , ikut jom pegi klcc ' ..oh why?? .. okay act my daddy really hopes to get to work in malaysia . so, thres an interview for job in mlysia . but at last my dad tolak bcause the salary was too low.:( n yeah my dad will go to Doha,Qatar this june for his job n seriosly i will miss him so much! pleasee , always rindu home n buy me the very latest bb :)) i love you. !

While waiting for my dad , me n mom shopping like bought one new latest nine west bag . i was like...okayy...we ended up at nasi padang rest . After solat Asar we went to MAS ticketing offce to buy tickets to sydney,Australia . . actually we planned of going to New Zealand but the ticket to NZ - sold out :( so, the nxt choice was sydney Australia.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Good Day

Friday.a day after thursday. Had a tiring day. attending the london's programme seriously made me feels like dying. As i clearing up my inbox in my bb.I found this one text that used to caught my heart and will always do.

At 4.00 pm , jigs and jay came  to my house. jigs drives her car and fetched me at my house,heading to jay granny house , bookstore , n planning to watch priest but it's already too late.Well , the most scary part during our dayout was  when jay had an accident with a very expensive car..maigosh ! Then we had dinner together at chilis  and  like always my favourite would be firecracker fish fillet n as usual the drink must be was so fun to meet them again .:)

Friday, 13 May 2011

Dear Diary

Well , this is my first time creating a blog . currently, my life was totally boringg and that made me feels like writing about this freaking bored life. yess , life is a choice and let today be a thanksgiving . okayy . STOP talking about this misery life . Everything has changed . Honestly ! i hate it . tried to work things out but i failed . It was just so hard . i can't believe that im still feeling the same way . im out of my mind of how to show you n im just gonna let it be maybe . I don't wanna rush things and so i wanna take things very slowly .