Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dearest friend

I wouldn't be calling you my best friend cause you just more than that . In fact , you're like a sister to me
I know that compared to all other abnormal girls out there , i'm the most problematic one but you never complained . you never get tired of being a crying shoulder to me. We've been together since form 1 and to tell you the very truth , you're are the best person i've ever met. I know that i'm never good in accepting advices, yours especially but just so you know you tell me one of the best advices in life . I appreciate every second being your friend. You complete my high school life and hopefully we're always gonna be friend until we die

Especially for : My Dorm-mate 
Not to forget  :  Ainaa Ismail who never get bored of giving 
                       her attention whenever i have things to  

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