Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What a Wonderful People

Just Me

I used to be someone who hated hurting people's feelings but people ended up hurting mine. Now I'm the other way round. I used to hate when my phone started ringing and bugging my life. But I get so upset now when it does not gives out sounds at all. I used to love having such a beautiful life. I tend to hate my life now when too much problems came up. I used to be quite strong in handling tears. Now tears overcome me. I used to just hate bad people's evil deeds. Now, I'm having the hatred towards human. Isn't it very unhealthy? I just realized that now.

To the One I've been really close to

I am sorry if I'm such a disappointment to you. Sometimes things are just not meant to be like how you wanted. Do keep in mind that I will love you as we are friends, close friends. Let's get close like last time. I really don't wanna lose you cause you know, life means nothing when you don't have friends. I don't wanna say much cause I've said it lots of times before this. Are we cool? Please say yes, I really wish for that.

Dear My Girlies

Thank you so much for helping me out a lot . When it comes to trouble , I always go and refer to you . Sometimes I don't even tell you things but you figured it out all by yourselves. I guess you know me quite well. Thanks for the patience while you're with me. You know I love you. Bestfriends for life. Without you , there's no life . Thanks a lot to Dila,fanah,fiqah,azie,nik,che nor .

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