Sunday, 15 May 2011

love thousand times

i love you abg just the way you are

He is very ambitious , hardworking and when it comes to work or studies ,
he put more than 110% of himself into it .
He drives his own car everywhere and he never burdened anyone
He is the man who works really hard to get whatever he want
I found his maturity is little bit too old  for his age
He taught me about fashion
He bought me so many branded things
He is the type of person who loves making jokes at the beginning , I just thought that his jokes were too silly for me to laught and also it is because i didn't understand what were his joke about

His family is lucky to have a son like him
His siblings are blessed to have a brother like him
His friends are adored to have friend like him

Those are the reasons i respect and love him so much .


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