Thursday, 19 May 2011

To a very best friend

We all have that one person whom we think about from time to time. It's either friends or our beloved . Just like me. I always think about one of my best friend. Sometimes we bond with the person over similarities and sometimes the bond of friendship are formed over time. This person that i always think about is one of my highschool friends. I became friends with him when i was 14. It was easy for me to talk with him because we didn't really know each other very well at that time .He was an ear to listen to me and a shoulder for me to lean on . He always give the best advices about something to me and never get tired of listening some of my problems. But now, he's going into university and of course our relationship will end up just like that. so, if you do read this one day, always remember that i will always pray for your success and be a very great lawyer one day .

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