Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wanted !

When I was in Oman, My treat a couple of times a week is going to Costa Coffee. I either have a skinny latte and a Tuna sandwich or a skinny latte with a packet of Tyrell Crisps or sometimes I have a Double Choclate Milk shake with Pain Au De Choclate (my favourite) . I usually get them and shared with my little brother.
Also,the Costa Hot choclate was very nice with cream and marsmallows . omg ! I can't forget all the time I had spent at the Costa Coffee . But why ?? Why Malaysia don't have this costa coffee!

Well , Since there were no Costa Coffee in Malaysia , I used to spent my time in starbucks and also sometimes in Coffee Bean orrr My daddy always brought me to Dome when he feels like having the very nice Affogato, The italian espresso.But currently I feel like it was also nice having a fishcracker fishfillet in chilis :)



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