Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I did it !

Alhamdulillah. I passed my JPJ test today . What a relieve. I just can't believe that I passed the test in the first round . I'm so glad. Thanks God for giving this to me. I arrived at the driving center about 10.00 and was shocked that so many people were there already. There were people from 1st session that which started at 8.00 and I was in the 2nd session which will start around at 11.00. I got number 30 which means more waiting. So you can imagine waiting for my turn was like a long day.

I sat there and observed how people drive the car, whether they passed or failed. Some people were driven back by the JPJ tester during the road test(section 3) and that means : FAIL. Sitting there watching them only made me more and more nervous. I was thinking :" What if I got a crappy car? What if I fail? No way. I can't fail.

Finally! The time has come! My number was called for section 2 and I started walking slowly towards the car. I told myself JUST DO IT! I went slow and steady all the way and passed! I'm so happy! Now that I have passed the section 2, there is only section 3 left.

After another long wait, its finally my turn for the road test already. I can't wait to get it done already. I'm tired of waiting, I don't care whether I will pass or fail.

I got into the car, greet the officer and did all the necessary things that could helped me to get points. That officer did not said anything at first but showed his true colours after I drove out from the driving center. He was frequently yelling and scolding at me, trying to make me nervous. Well, you can't expect me to be completely calm as it was the first time I'm driving alone. Haha! Believe me

I was shocked almost to death after all the scolding. He's so mean! I thought I had failed the test but when he handed me the paper, OMG! 17/20! I passed!Alhamdulillah.

Well, Thank you so much to all my friend who never get tired of giving me advices and wishing me good luck. Especially for Fatin and Juwairiah for telling me the 6 things to do before start the driving and for Anah , nik and Mirash for wishing me good luck and lastly for the very Superb Latiff Idham sbb praying for me to pass the test also for giving me support.Thank You so much friends.I Love you and will always do.

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