Sunday, 15 May 2011


My 2nd brother . I grew up with him . We used to share our secrets and things together
He never complained everytime i asked him to do something
Yes, we do fight sometimes , but to be honest i always want to win n am really stubborn
But I don't know . Lately , it kinda have changed . I felt like missing him a lot .
He's always the handsome one
He's always doing great in dubai ALONE
He's doing really well in his studies n work
He has beautiful perfect hair
He gets all the good compliment even when he's just wear his pyjamas
He always take a very good care of me
He's tall n just perfect
He got a very beautiful skin
He always tried to give the best in everything for me
people seems to like him the most
He  got a perfectly beautiful fingers

I don't know whether you will ever read this
But if you do one day
just remember that i am blessed to have you
Without us the whole family , there'll be no life

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