Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Things taught me something today.
Don't expect the best and never expect the worst.
Waiting patiently and faithfully cause good things only come to those who wait.
Ugly things take time to get pretty.

That's why you have to wait.
Life is about loving those people who love you.
It's pointless loving people who can't love you.
Smile is the only way to hide your unhappiness.

But do it with all your heart.
Cry means you love that person so much.

When you can't stop crying, that's okay.
You are learning to be a proper human.

We make mistakes, we learn from them.
We regret, we stop doing them.But when it comes to you boy,

Regret will never be my word. 
The lesser you treat me nice, the more love I have for you.
The more hatred I have for coffee, the more interest I have to drink coffee.

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