Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bad week I'm having

First of all, my management quiz was bad . Almost every answer of mine was wrong. went to college everyday with a moody mood. But thanks to my friends who always there to make my day better . Just so you know, in this week i get to know this two jejaka yang keep texting me all the time. Seriously they make my life serabut. Honestly, I am now, like don't use your words just to keep me impressed with you guys. Please ! Fine someone else plus this two people is super duper senior for me even older than abg peet.It's not the issue pun but i really need to study hard now.Don't disturb me.Go find your true self and strive for your dreams.I don't think I want this anymore. A great Hello from you and a simple Hi from me.I know you expected more. But sorry, I just can't.

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