Saturday, 14 July 2012


I'll make sure I tell you everything before Ramandhan
And I think I should get everyhting clear.
Well, today life of mine is extremely bored.
But meeting up with my friends and 
we went to cg Azma's house chilled me up a lil bit.
I love kids so much
Looking them makes me calm and happy inside and out.
At night, I'm having a conversation with Aiman.
He's coming home and I'll promise to fetch him at klia.
can't imagine how awkward it will be.
But I'm sure you'll be super duper malu with me.
Can't wait cause I have so much to ask you 
since the day you went away.
Still remember all the memories we had together.
chatting till midnight sharing knowledge together
And the most important part was you 
always remind me to be a good muslim
and to take a good care of myself :)

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