Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Something not so good

I don't know what changes things these days.Everything seems to be easily detachable.But I am glad I have this faith in God,in what He has written for me.

Sometimes I love being silence and sometimes I love being noisy.But Nowadays , Silence tend to invade me even when I'm surrounded by noises.People can't see it physically cause it is not the physical silence that I meant.It is a silence from my ownself. I am not myself from the past and I'm not myself from the future either, but I am what i am now. A girl who being silence from her ownself. People might not really understand what am I realy talking about but I believe that every human sometimes have to face this strange feeling.It is awful to be unheard and unseen. But I guess I have to be strong in every way. Because this time I'm standing alone.

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