Monday, 27 June 2011


It has been ages since I last updated. And here I am again.As far as I can see, people has stopped reading blogs. Due to that, I'm gonna make this blog as something personal. A sort of a diary, where I write whatever I have in my heart. From the happiness of life, till the sadness of living. It's all gonna be on here

Life hasn't been the same for me this past few days. I've got no one to talk to at night. No wake up calls to make. No one to text whenever I'm going somewhere. I just miss doing all that.


I went out with the family today.Well, it was fun but It may be more fun if you are here with us.I really miss my time with you. Especially seeing you happy, laughing and everything.He had some problems nowadays. I'm so worried about you. I hope things are going fine at the office. I didn't know he is such a good pretender.Oh God, I really wish I can help him,I will never stop praying to Allah for you. InsyaAllah things will be fine.Amin.

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